Climbing/ Scrambling

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We can provide Introduction to Rock Climbing & Abseiling Courses.

This is suitable for people who have no experience of rock climbing or those that  have climbed at an indoor climbing wall and fancy trying some outdoor climbing.

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Courses can be arranged by Adventure Pursuits working with one of our many partners.


What is Scrambling?
– an amalgamation of walking and true rock climbing; it is the ascent of steep sections of mountains where hands have to be used as well as feet. It is often done ‘solo’, without the use of technical equipment used in climbing (ropes, harness and protection devices). This is mainly because scrambles are usually part of a longer walk on a ridge or rocky hillside, where speed of ascent is important as part of a long day. However, a scrambler will find him or her self in potentially serious situations, where a trip or stumble would mean a very long fall.

How hard is it?
Most scrambles do not encounter vertical or overhanging ground but the hands are vital for support and to pull you over rocky steps. As you will probably be carrying a rucksack on your back, you need to have a good sense of balance. The harder scrambles will encounter steeper rocky steps and upper body (arm) strength becomes more important. When the scrambling becomes more ‘technical’ (you have to look harder for holds; there are less large footholds) then you will be entering the world of ‘graded’ rock climbing, albeit with graded climbing moves no more than those termed ‘Moderate’.

To help you judge what you are letting yourself in for, scrambles have their own ‘grading’ system [1 – 3 & 3(S)]; with 3(S) often involving graded rock climbing.


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